A Getaway To Las Vegas

[ English ]

A getaway that will forever be recalled is the one in Vegas, what’s often called "Sin City" due to its gambling palaces, though I choose to remember it as a "sensational" city, Las Vegas, Nevada.

From Los Angeles to this gambler’s city, It was about a four hour drive in the summer. The weather was exceptionally warm but such eagerness filled the air. When my friends and I arrived at our hotel, we were amazed by the charm showed to us by the valet as he welcomed us to the gaming and entertainment universe, this was the beginning of what resulted in being the most extravagant time.

We competed in card games like poker, black jack and other table games like craps and slots, we horsed around and ate awesome meals, made by some of the best culinary artists around the world, and right on the strip.

I decided to take my chances on a gigantic dollar slot machine game and determined to chance twenty five dollars of the $200 I had out aside to gamble with for the complete trip. After feeding 17.00 dollars into this enormous slot machine game I won $300 and I bounced around and horsed around so much, a casino attendant headed over and provided my buddies and myself free tickets to a show with coupons for 2 complimentary beverages. We were in an element of surprise, thankfulness and recognized that it was going to be a gambling and adventure holiday not to be brushed aside.

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